Parade is a design studio based in the Midwest specializing in building brands through design and photography.

Our philosophy is rooted in celebrating authenticity over perfection and harnessing the remarkable power of simplicity.  We find inspiration in the elegance and effectiveness of a less-is-more approach, and we believe it can truly transform and elevate a brand.

At our studio, we recognize the value of the story behind a brand and the impact it can have on a brand's success. We work collaboratively with our clients, encouraging open and honest communication throughout the brand development process. By understanding and leveraging the unique story behind each brand, we can create solutions that provide their clients the best possible experience while driving growth for their business.

We help small to medium sized businesses elevate their brand while remaining true to their unique story and values. By prioritizing collaboration and honesty, we ensure that every aspect of process is aligned with the client's vision and goals.



Art Direction

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity


Editorial Design


Website Design


Industries We Work With

Interior Designers & Architecture

Brand & Lifestyle

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